direct acting pneumatic press no. 23
No. 23

direct acting pneumatic press no. 25
No. 25

pneumatic cylinder
Pneumatic cylinder with piston and magnet kit for ram position via cylinder switch

direct acting pneumatic press no. 29
No. 29

precison lower stop
Precision lower stop

height adjustment
Height adjustment

From 1.6 kN to 43 kN
Throat depth from 86 mm to 200 mm
Working height from 90 mm to 600 mm

Constant force acting over long stroke is characteristical for these direct-action pneumatic presses.


  • Cylinder unit Maintenance-free specially developed for the assembly technology; with flow control for speed regulation of the downstroke.
  • Press head unit
    The working height can be rapidly & accurately adjusted due to the height adjustment’s ease of use. Can be used without the frame as processing station in automated installations.
  • Adjustable ram position in BDC by means of precision lower stop (1 division line = 0.05 mm) on scale
  • Ram with precision bore for tool holding and built-in adjustable stop
  • Round anti-rotational ram
  • Frame with precision machined press head guide rails.
  • fixture mounting platen with precision T-slot and bore for tool location.
  • T-slot with locking set screw in press table


  • Assembling, press-insertion into housings with large installation height, bending, dismantling, calibration of axles, bushes, bearings
  • Deformation over long paths


Direct Acting PneumaticPress
  direct acting pneumatic press pressing
  direct acting pneumatic press mounting
  direct acting pneumatic press forming
  direct acting pnematic press calibration
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