Servo press module no 405
No. 405

Servo press module no  415 416
No. 415 / 416

Servo press module no. 450 460
No. 450 / 460

From 15 kN to 150 kN
Throat depth from 130 mm to 160 mm
Working stroke from 150 mm to 500 mm

The solid, unique mechanics of the SCHMIDT® ServoPress is a essential for precise joining results, even in the toughest industry environments.

Modules handle full loads

  • Over the entire ram stroke
  • With rapid process times
  • Via exact roller guiding of the ram with little play
  • Square ram benefits
    -insensitive to lateral forces
    - locked against rotation (without additional friction such as with slot guidance)


Built-in auto-protection and maintenance

  • Fully automated spindle lubrication
  • Mechanical clutch as overload protection for motor & load cell
  • Cooling and thermal monitoring of mechanical and electronic system
  • Current limitation if exceeding admissible load
  • Machine safeguarded against operator error

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy module change possible. The control unit recognizes the new module. No modifications of the data sets are necessary. This is achieved due to a high-precision ram position in the reference point with relation to the supporting surface.

Built-in safety in LC system EC type-approved

  • Two-channel safety circuit, category 4

As a result, this means the following for your application:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Maximum availability
  • High production safety



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