PressControl 5000

SCHMIDT® PressControl 600

SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 with integrated PLC and process data management is made for intelligent process control of force/stroke monitored SCHMIDT® ManualPress as well as SCHMIDT® (Hydro)PneumaticPress. Additional automation tasks around the press process can also be realized by the SCHMIDT® PressControl 600.
All process integrated system elements and data are controlled and managed centrally by the SCHMIDT® PressControl 600. The standard system configuration already includes a basic programming, special applications can be programmed as well.
The integrated operator panel of SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 with complete operating interface and touchscreen is made for parametrizing and operating the control as well as for visualization, administration, and documentation of process data (dataset management).
The programming and projecting of the SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 as well as the data storing is done by software­ components. The software components can be installed on any Windows PC. The communication with the control unit is realized by Ethernet TCP/IP.

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